I have no internet connection, what should I do?

Contact the support team on 01903 855000.

My connection keeps dropping out, what should I do?

Contact the support team on 01903 855000.

My connection seems slower than usual, what should I do?

Disconnect all devices and ensure one computer or laptop is connected to the router via a wired connection. Open an internet explorer page and go to www.speedtest.btwholesale.com run this speed test, print screen the result and send into support@overline.com A member of the team will then contact you to advise on the next steps or if your broadband is running at the correct speed.


Can I have a copy of my bill?

You can access and download all previous invoices via the online portal.

When is my bill due?

Five days from the date of invoice.

How do I set up a direct debit?

Please ensure the original is sent via post to our Accounts department, unfortunately this can take up to 14 working days to be set up.

I want to see my calls/data usage so far this month, before I receive my bill.

All customers are automatically set up for online billing, where you can view a history of your invoices, plus any calls made so far that month. This is however always a couple of days behind, due to the uploading process. If you need information on any sage more urgently, please contact us.

I have been charged a postal invoice charge on my bill, why is this?

We offer postal, email and online billing. Email and online billing is free of charge but we do charge if you wish to receive your full invoice in the post. If you want to change to email billing, simply email us and we can change this for you.

Why is my first bill higher than expected?

We bill our rentals a month in advance. Therefore, in most cases, your first bill will be higher than the standard monthly rental, as this will include the days up until your billing date, plus the following month’s rental.

I have multiple sites, can I have one invoice for all of them?

We offer a service that creates one invoice for multiple sites but splits each site so it’s clear what each site is using. Our billing service is very flexible and we will always try and help to make your invoices as clear for you as possible, so if there’s something that you would like on your invoices, please just ask.