Data Assets

Most business data is vital and if it was lost or damaged, would be disastrous to your business. 

Back Up Services

Data backup means copying files and databases to keep them safe in case of an equipment failure or other problem.

Backup should be a routine, both for big business mainframes and smaller business computers. It’s also vital for personal computer users. When you retrieve the backed up files, it’s called ‘restoring’.

Hosted Back Up

Hosted backup involves remote, online or managed backup services, giving users a rugged, reliable and comprehensive system for backing up, storing and recovering digital files.

On-site backup

Your data can’t be too secure. For a belt and braces approach, many businesses back their data up on-site and off-site. The on-site data backup side of things involves copying and storing important data using local storage.

The Benefits:

Every business needs a rigorous backup protocol to keep data safe, and rebuild databases and systems when something goes wrong. It means you’ll be able to restore everything to the point the backup was last taken, saving you time, money, hassle, stress and lost sales and preventing damage to your brand.