Work smarter together

Connect staff with intuitive technology to improve co-ordination and collaboration for increased efficiency, productivity and faster, more informed decision-making.

Turn your talented employees into a talented team!

Collaboration is a tool for business transformation.
Enable staff to communicate through intuitive digital channels. A collaboration solution allows businesses to transform efficiency and productivity encompassing data, voice and video services in a powerful all connected environment. The unifying of different communication technologies creates brand new ways of reaching, engaging and conferencing, speeding decision-making, boosting output and reducing travel time and cost.

UC & Collaboration

Communication is the foundation of collaboration and Overline provide the technologies that enable information

sharing, helping your team produce more faster –

the foundation of efficient and successful business.

Why Choose Overline:

  • Flexible: We can leverage the value of your existing voice and IT investments, taking an reactive approach to creating your collaborative environment
  • Open: Rather than prescribe specific collaboration technologies we start by understanding how your business works a designing a program best suited to you
  • Integrated: You can make multiple providers a thing of the past – Overline can provide a full suite collaboration environment through our multi-skilled team and expert staff in each area.