Dynamic Monitoring and Control

Once data leaves your organisation, how can you retain control of it? With Encryption, you can ensure the safety of your data by monitoring and controlling access in real time, flexibly denying access or remotely erasing a document.

Applying Encryption Strategically

Hi-profile security breaches occur frequently and protecting sensitive data through encryption is often misunderstood.
Encryption solutions can provide a reliable last-defense security tool, whilst fulfilling many security-related data needs for your organisation. The key to optimal benefits a combination of encryption and appropriate planning and strategy based on your unique needs and risks.

Enterprise Level Protection

Encryption provides resilient, simple protection that follows data wherever you store, use, or send it.
Organisations consistantly move sensitive data out of their physical perimeters and into the cloud where they can share it with users across multiple organisations and locations. But how can it be kept safe and usable once it leaves your traditional control. Overline can assist you with the balance on control and flexibility by providing the ability for remote data control and enforcement.

Why Encrypt Data?

Encryption Provides Security for Data at All Times
Encrypted Data Maintains Integrity
Encryption Protects Privacy
Encryption is Part of Compliance