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For most businesses that have taken the dive into the world of industry leading CRM, SalesForce, there’s no way back. The benefits are proven and as your business processes increasingly intertwine with the CRM, the subscription fee you pay to SalesForce is as much of a given as all of your other essential overheads. As with any investment we want to maximise our return, and with an Overline Sync system we’ve made that possible by integrating your SalesForce CRM, with your telephone system through Sync CRM+.

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If you haven’t upgraded to an Overline Sync system yet why not get an idea on price and the lines and calls savings you’ll make online?

CRM+ is the only add-on to the Sync product. Sync CRM+ Call Popup brings contact information to your fingertips and records everything back to your CRM while providing Click to Dial functionality.

See Who‘s Calling

The CRM+ popup gets contact information from your CRM in the background and provides it conveniently before answering the phone. A click on their name brings up the full CRM record.

Create Contacts

If the contact isn’t already in your CRM, you can simply type it in the popup
and start taking notes. All the information will be synced with your CRM.

Smart Notes

Call notes are easy and powerful in CallSwitch. No need to fumble through tabs and fields in your CRM. Just start typing. You can also schedule follow up tasks using natural language. E.g. Follow up next week will set up a CRM task for next week.

Activities Bar

All the calls, emails, notes and tasks associated to the person you‘re calling at your fingertips in a convenient slider.

Set Call Disposations

Set the outcome of each call with a convenient drop-down menu right in the CRM+ popup.

To find out more about Sync CRM + or Sync telephone systems call 01903 85500 or enquire online.

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