IT Support with service as the focus

We can cover all your technical issues with a flexible capacity to quickly and efficiently to deal your IT needs.

ITIL Compliant UK based IT

Service desk with a solution focus approached

Managing business IT with our clients isn’t just about SLAs, but outcome and to ensure  we always exceed our customers needs it’s vital we understand your business, not just your IT.

Whether you want to outsource one element of your IT or the whole network, we can assist you through all your requirements.

Is Overline Service Desk the right fit for my organisation?

For a partnership to work on every level, it’s important to know that fundamentally and professionally we’re the right fit for your business.

Ours approach is scaled to accommodate the largest requirements whilst providing our growing clients the same high level of attention they deserve.  Our requirements can differ according to the industry they serve, the number of users and turnover.

IT Service Desk

Our UK-based IT service desk provides 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support from our
operation centre. Our teams interact with end-users and IT staff to
provide the best possible service desk experience.

Overline Service Desk Provide:

Cost-effective and reliable service
High end-user satisfaction
Professional and approachable engineers
Scalable and flexible service models
Continuous tracking and improvement