Wi-Fi & Wireless Services

Superfast, robust WiFi connections for businesses of any size in the UK.

Wireless Services

For your business and customers.

Wi-Fi is an essential element in most modern businesses. Therefore it is imperative you choose the right provider that can not only provide the highest level of expertise and the latest in hardware technology, but a provider that truly understands your business. What you want to achieve and how you can improve your business outcomes.

The Best Wifi Solution for your business

To improve team and customer experience it is vital to have a resilient infrastructure. Wi-Fi by Overline is a multi faceted solution that creates a working or customer environment free from unnecessary restrictions. This allows your workforce to improve their productivity or enhance customer experience by providing a solution that is reliable and secure.

Business Benefits:

Stay flexible, stay secure

Selecting the appropriate management platform is absolutely crucial to providing comprehensive visibility, control and security.

Connectivity, but not at a cost

WiFi enables businesses to provide seamless connectivity for network connected systems, mobile devices and other devices.

Keeping downtime to a minimum

With the most businesses now considering the use of mobile devices to be either critical or very important to business processes and productivity; it has become crucial that network infrastructure remains solid.